A Family Comes Together during Quarantine

They considered themselves to be an average American family. Louise and Jerome Williams had been married for 19 years. Louise had 1/2 of a college degree with no declared major, but quit to go to vocational school, which seemed more practical. Jerome had a bachelors degree and made enough money to support the family, buy

Containing the Wind

Wanderlust How do you contain the wind? Can you bottle it? Can you catch it in a net? And if you could capture the wind, the moment you opened the container, would it all seep out immediately, ecstatic to be free?  Windrider was a free spirit, contained only by his physical body, not by rules

Essential Workers: the Supermarket & the Single Mom

Note to the Reader: There are 2 possible endings. The reasons are explained after the story. See which ending works best for you, before you see why I offered 2 endings. I would love to hear back from you.  Harriet couldn’t decide if she should wear a mask or not. It wasn’t required since they