This is the first time in our lives that every person in the world has experienced the same thing: a Pandemic. Everyone was asked to quarantine. Some people lost their jobs, some people lost their minds, yet for some, it was business as usual, while the world around them adjusted to a new normal. Writing these stories is one of the ways that I am coping during the QUARANTINE. While most of them are realistic fiction, the characters are an amalgamation of people I interviewed, personal narratives I read, and of course, the workings of my own mind. Some stream of consciousness in the form of a journal will be interspersed between the stories. Mostly, these stories are crafted to give you a glimpse how people around the country might have coped / are coping during the QUARANTINE. How were their lives affected? The single parent? The grocery store worker? The homeless person? Dating during Covid? Living alone in an apartment in the middle of Manhattan? I think you will make connections here, if not in your personal experience, then in the way you have been feeling, the things you’ve been thinking.

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Notes: We will not always be in a Pandemic. In the wake of the Quarantine, we have had protests and riots. Times are tense. My stories will reflect the times. On occasion, I will insert stories from my life that are B.Q. (before Quarantine), but there will almost always be a life lesson, a moral to the story. I frequent venues where I can tell my stories aloud, so I will add some audio versions of my stories, for those of you who prefer to listen.