Bi-partisan? What was I thinking?

This is merely an addendum to an earlier post where I said that I was starting a bi-partisan group online to help bridge the gap, cross the great divide that is now America, and perhaps help to heal the country. I lasted for 2 sessions. One might ask why? I’m just not that strong. For

Some thoughts to think about…

Journal Entry,  My mind has been meandering again.  As I ponder my own mortality, in other words, my impending death, my extinction from the planet, I can’t help but think about the extinction of all things. Everything becomes obsolete, animals become extinct, but why? Are they experiments gone awry? It would be different if only

Subtleties of Taste

I have not been able to taste anything in several weeks. Now, before you get yer panties in a bunch, I’ve been tested for Covid twice, both times negative. Apparently, there are numerous reasons a person can lose their taste and/or smell including your garden variety cold, sinus infection, etc.  This is the first time

Let Freedom Ring

The beauty of this country, as we all know, is the fact that we have the freedom to live and think as we please. Even the people who don’t support our political ideologies and vie instead for Communism, even the ones who think we are too oppressive, even the right wingers who think we are

Addendum to my last post

An addendum: I have done what I sometimes accuse others of doing – taking a literal approach to a biblical story. If I were to interpret the Abraham story as metaphorical, I would say that the ‘child’ is a representation of attachment, an idea which can be found in the Buddhist traditions. “Taken together, the


What is it exactly that I believe? I like to pride myself on saying that I don’t actually believe anything, not completely, because I leave room for possibilities. There are at least 2 sides to  every story, and thinking we are correct about anything is a collective myth. Of course, that leaves one imbalanced sometimes,