There will be no post today, other than to say how grateful I am for all of you, for turning AZ blue, for a new administration coming in that has experience, dignity, and compassion, for my health and the well being of my family and friends, for the baby gestating in the belly of my


By: Robin J. Engel “Attention, Ladies and Gentlemen. Is there anyone on this plane that would like to take a later flight in return for a $500 voucher? It seems that we have overbooked.” Sometime, one person’s mistake is another person’s good fortune.  The year was 2013. I’d left my job and decided to travel


Dear Patrons and Guests, I have decided to take a brief hiatus from posting my science fiction novel. For some reason, I am having a block, as writer’s call it. Perhaps it was a lack of interest from my readers, or perhaps I am just at an impasse. At any rate, I am going to


Trapped in my Body. It’s been 2 months. I’m trapped in my body. I can barely walk. I can barely stand upright. I’ve done everything. The orthopedist doesn’t think surgery will help me. Muscle relaxers are a joke; they don’t even take the pain away anymore. I’ve gone to physical therapy, which only made it

4 Poems: by Robin

About a Friend You are music Swirls of energy dancing in lavender-colored spirals with vaporous entrails of winding, shimmering light Depositing bouncy vibrations of gold You are a Gregorian chant Deep tones of purple velvet Nestled among hues of indigo, crimson, slate, midnight, steel, & sienna, Converging and coalescing into One tone A benediction You