Addendum to my last post

An addendum: I have done what I sometimes accuse others of doing – taking a literal approach to a biblical story. If I were to interpret the Abraham story as metaphorical, I would say that the ‘child’ is a representation of attachment, an idea which can be found in the Buddhist traditions. “Taken together, the


What is it exactly that I believe? I like to pride myself on saying that I don’t actually believe anything, not completely, because I leave room for possibilities. There are at least 2 sides to  every story, and thinking we are correct about anything is a collective myth. Of course, that leaves one imbalanced sometimes,

Narcissism & Excess – the U.S. today

I don’t really like the idea of plastic surgery. I realize that people are going to continue to have it, and it has been accepted as a norm. Don’t get me wrong. I look at my face in Zoom meetings and obsess about my sagging jowls as much as the next middle aged woman. But


Happy Saturday. I apologize for being late today. I admit, I’m getting a bit overwhelmed. I have a very small following, and I don’t want to let anyone down, but I’m going to be posting every other week for awhile because…I work full time and I am finding it difficult to write every week. I