Trapped in my Body. It’s been 2 months. I’m trapped in my body. I can barely walk. I can barely stand upright. I’ve done everything. The orthopedist doesn’t think surgery will help me. Muscle relaxers are a joke; they don’t even take the pain away anymore. I’ve gone to physical therapy, which only made it

4 Poems: by Robin

About a Friend You are music Swirls of energy dancing in lavender-colored spirals with vaporous entrails of winding, shimmering light Depositing bouncy vibrations of gold You are a Gregorian chant Deep tones of purple velvet Nestled among hues of indigo, crimson, slate, midnight, steel, & sienna, Converging and coalescing into One tone A benediction You

the Good Seeds

A Short Poem: The Sioux believe that all Living creatures are temporary energy swirls. Two swirling spirals, the double helix,  Dance into being  And out again. (by: Robin J. Engel)  The Good Seeds: Liliana stands at the precipice, shaking her fist in anguish at …something? …nothing?  God, perhaps? Liliana: What is this void? I am

Heal the Space

“Heal the space”, the speaker said. I wonder what he meant by that?  I am not a healer. I do not channel healing energy through me. I am one person, and what difference can that make when there are billions of souls?  Don’t billions of souls have to heal the space at the same time?