This thing called retirement

It’s been a while, but I’m back. And now, I’m retired. It’s a very strange and wonderful space. I thought I’d share some of my experience here. Entry 1; January 26, 2023 I recently discovered that the last day of this year will be 123123. 12/31/23, that is. I have always been fascinated by number

Bi-partisan? What was I thinking?

This is merely an addendum to an earlier post where I said that I was starting a bi-partisan group online to help bridge the gap, cross the great divide that is now America, and perhaps help to heal the country. I lasted for 2 sessions. One might ask why? I’m just not that strong. For

Some thoughts to think about…

Journal Entry,  My mind has been meandering again.  As I ponder my own mortality, in other words, my impending death, my extinction from the planet, I can’t help but think about the extinction of all things. Everything becomes obsolete, animals become extinct, but why? Are they experiments gone awry? It would be different if only