A Family Comes Together during Quarantine

They considered themselves to be an average American family. Louise and Jerome Williams had been married for 19 years. Louise had 1/2 of a college degree with no declared major, but quit to go to vocational school, which seemed more practical. Jerome had a bachelors degree and made enough money to support the family, buy

Essential Workers: the Supermarket & the Single Mom

Note to the Reader: There are 2 possible endings. The reasons are explained after the story. See which ending works best for you, before you see why I offered 2 endings. I would love to hear back from you.  Harriet couldn’t decide if she should wear a mask or not. It wasn’t required since they

The Democrat, the Republican, and the Old Woman

Notes to the readers:      This was particularly difficult to write. As a writer, I get to distance myself from some realities because I can create characters and scenarios, instead of committing to believing in something. Writing for me is like acting for some people. I’m sure you’ve heard directors tell actors that they

One Day at a Time

Notes to the readers: During the Quarantine, there are many people in this country who have started to drink more than they ever have. They are bored, they are scared, they are frustrated. They might have lost their jobs, they might be stuck inside with the wrong people, they might feel trapped because they are