Love IS the answer. Whoever you are, whatever your beliefs, culture, color, background, gender, or spiritual ideology, I am here for you. Love in any form should be celebrated; it is sacred. I have officiated weddings in parks, fancy venues, and overlooking the Amalfi Coast. I collaborate with each couple to accommodate your personal preferences. It is my honor to help you make this the most precious day in your life.

Wedding Officiated at Villa Siena in Gilbert, AZ

A Wedding on the Amalfi Coast in Italy

A few excerpts from past ceremonies:

MARRIAGE is a FRIENDSHIP that has caught FIRE!!

MARRIAGE is not only finding the right partner, it is Being the right partner.

CANDLE CEREMONY (an example of a ritual / ceremony that you might like to add in)

The couple holds the candles, but does not light them yet.

I say: “These candles represent your inner lights. We all know that a candle must be tended and nurtured for the flame to continue. When 2 people fall in love, they kindle each other’s flames, creating light and joy. These candles that you hold symbolize your individual selves, which have now been fully kindled by your love and commitment. You will now use these candles to light the Unity Candle, with the dedication to rekindle it again and again.

Each person in the couple lights the big candle on the table, each with her/her/their own candle. I sa

I say: “This Unity Candle is a radiant symbol of love, joy, peace and harmony. This represents the TWIN FLAMES that the universe has brought together to create a union of one heart.

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