This is merely an addendum to an earlier post where I said that I was starting a bi-partisan group online to help bridge the gap, cross the great divide that is now America, and perhaps help to heal the country. I lasted for 2 sessions.

One might ask why? I’m just not that strong. For one thing, I don’t have as much knowledge as some of the people about current events, so I couldn’t offer any strong arguments at times. I know that wasn’t the purpose of the whole thing, but I come from New York where people love to argue, and I’m a true New Yorker.

It wasn’t just that my information was weak. I just couldn’t believe the points that were being made on the other side. Most of what they were saying came from an emotional place, not a logical one. It only confirmed for me what I’d been witnessing all along during the past 5 years. People display cult-like behavior, group mind, and when that happens, if nobody wakes them from their trances, they sound like zombies repeating what they’ve heard. I felt like I was in the twilight zone. It was very bizarre.

I didn’t see any point in continuing. It was just like being on social media, where people constantly try to convince the other side that they are right, and here it was happening on my video screen. That’s why I had to shut it down. The whole thing suddenly became real to me, all of the things I’d seen on the media and witnessed over the past 5 years in America – now they were in my living room, sort of. The whole ordeal made me retreat even more. All I wanted to do was crawl onto my couch and watch comedy. And that is what I did. Good luck America. I hope, someday, you can get your groove back. In the meantime, I’m going to return to being an activist for certain causes, and will occasionally get involved in a political campaign if I think it is critical, but I no longer care what the others think. Is that awful? Close minded? Have I become them? I think it best if I retreat for awhile and just let the world turn, holding space for the things I think are right. To the rest of you, good luck. It’s still a democracy – sort of.

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